Customized Bookkeeping, Budgeting & Financial Services

Proudly Serving the Greater Rochester, NY Area & Boca Raton, FL

Achieving financial stability and having proper financial management can play an important role in maintaining a sense of independence and security in life. As our lives become more complicated and fast paced, it can be challenging to help elderly or disabled family members manage and monitor their finances.

During the course of running our private accounting firm, LPWolch CPA’s P.C., we found we were helping our clients and/or their family members with services such as bill paying, budgeting, and financial management. As we began providing these services to more clients, it became apparent there was a bigger need for assistance of this nature. The elderly population is living longer and family members are challenged in assisting their loved ones.

Managing Your Finances to Simplify Your Life

My Accounting Firm LLC provides a comprehensive, customized range of financial and bookkeeping services. We serve clients in both Rochester, NY and Boca Raton, FL. Our suite of services is personalized to fit a client’s needs and address challenges they are facing. There is no “standard” service plan. By taking a concierge-level, customized approach, we are able to work with each client individually to develop a plan to help them manage their finances and get back to the things they enjoy most in life.

Our services include:

  Customized Bill Paying

  Reconciling Bank Statements

  Providing Monthly Budget & Cash Reports

  Organizing Financial Records

  Errands / Personal Shopping



  Help Filling Out Forms

  Applying for Benefits

  Working with Creditors

  Power of Attorney / Guardian Ad Litem

  Researching & Negotiating Supplier Best Buys

At My Accounting Office LLC, we work to be an advocate for our clients. Our team is detail-oriented, experienced, and confidential. We treat each client and their family with patience and integrity, and focus on building beneficial relationships.

Supportive, Comprehensive Bookkeeping & Financial Services

Whether you or your loved one need help balancing your checkbook or would like us to receive your mail, pay your bills, and reconcile your accounts, we work to optimize your financial matters and management. We can participate at any level you choose. Our goal is to simplify your or your loved one’s life, and give you “Peace of Mind”.

For more information about our financial management, budgeting, and bookkeeping services, please contact us at
(585) 641-3264.

We are proud to serve clients and their families in Boca Raton, FL and Rochester. NY.